Picture Of ‘Angry Hurricane Harvey Cat’ Is The Most Relatable Thing We Have Seen All Year

Cats are famous for being grumpy. In fact, Grumpy Cat is the world’s highest paid animal celebrity, and her memes have made her owner millions. But she’s now got some serious competition from this angry Hurricane Harvey cat.

When it comes to showing their emotions, cats have no chill. This picture was taken on August 30 by photographer Scott Olson, and it perfectly sums up our nation’s collective reaction to the aftermath Hurricane Harvey…

Now that the storm clouds have parted, we’re all livid.

After Hurricane Harvey tore through the state of Texas leaving a trail of destruction in its wake, this cat tried to return home only to find out that its home had not only been destroyed, but flooded too.

Whilst Hurricane Harvey can’t be directly attributed to climate change, warmer temperatures made its effects much, much worse. As a result of rising sea levels, the surge was half-a-foot higher than it could have otherwise been.

Hurricane Harvey struck on the 12th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and it has caused an estimated $180 billion worth of damage. 40,000 homes have been lost to the disaster, and the death doll currently stands at 50.

The Internet was quick to relate to this angry cat’s expression, which summed up how we are all feeling about this devastating natural disaster – and the hilarious memes that followed brought a little bit joy during such dark times.

Angry Hurricane Harvey Cat wasn’t alone in being displaced. He was one of thousands of domesticated pets whose owners had no option but to abandon them in order to save themselves.

The picture has provided some much-needed humour in what is a solemn time, and this Facebook user admired the cat’s resilience in the face of adversity. Even hurricanes can’t scare cats. They simply inconvenience them.